DR. Eriaku rallies Kapelebyong sportsmen ahead of Ateker Cup season III.

Former Member of parliament for Kapelebyong Dr. Peter Emmanuel Eriaku has embarked on a move to develop local talents across Kapelebyong district. Eriaku known for his love for Kapelebyong with his usual praise of Kapelebyong the home of the brave while speaking speaking to Ateker sports reiterated on the need to invest in sports if Teso Sub-region is to rank better in the coming years. He further noted that if Teso gifted Uganda with the first international medal in Athletics then why would it be hard for the current sportsmen and women to wear the same determination in bid to rewrite history in a land with lots of hidden potential.

Dr. Eriaku who of recent distributed assortment of items ranging from balls, uniforms for both players and officials made a clarion call to the people of Kapelebyong and Teso at large to show cause while participating in the local tournaments knowing that they are not playing to the benefit of the organisers who sacrifice to see sports development achieved but they must purpose to aim to replace the Katakwi born Uganda Cranes captain Emmanuel Okwii and Ibrahim Orit as the new faces of Teso in the national sports Arena.

He applauded the Ateker cup kapelebyong team famously known as the Ateker hunters for advancing from being the second last team in the first Edition to being the second overall team in the second edition,to him preparations for this edition must be purposed towards not just participating but bringing the trophy home. He pledged to support the development of local sport as long as the people to be supported prove that they are determined to raise the flag of the land high, this as he briefed different sports stake holders ahead of the launch of the selection process of the team meant to represent kapelebyong in this edition of Ateker Cup

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